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Importing AWStats from a Previous Host


You are able to move the statistics from AWStats from a previous host to HostMonster.

Migrating your previous stats

To import awstats please get the .conf file from your prior host.

If you have .txt files, those are for your past stats. You may bring those over as well.

These steps will import awstats from most hosts unless the old host has changed the format.

  1. Rename the stats text file from the old host to the following format

  2. Enable awstats for the addon domain.
  3. Awstats installs a file called We will copy the file to setup your domain. You can upload your old text files to tmp/awstats folder and your stats will show unless they are corrupted.
Note: The txt files will need to be in the same folder as the .conf file (tmp/awstats).

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