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Pushing Website from old host to


How to Transfer hosted files from old host to via ssh.

Your old host must have SSH access to perform this move.

Using SSH to transfer files to HostMonster


If your old host has SSH access and you are able to make outbound shell connections from that server, you can do quite a large bit of the file transfer directly from your old server. Please note that this process will only transfer the files located in a specified folder. This will also require shell access to be enabled on your account with us.

Click Here for information on obtaining SSH/Shell Access.

First compress the folder on the old host's server with tar. We are creating a compressed copy of your site folder called archive.tar.gz.

           tar -czf archive.tar.gz /nameoffolder/
This will create a file called archive.tar.gz and should contain your site folder.

Second we push archive.tar.gz to your HostMonster account.

           scp archive.tar.gz
Please note that this scp command is also run from your old host's server. Also, "" can be replaced with your domain name, or the IP address of our server your account is on, which ever one will work correctly.

Next log into our servers through shell, and run these commands. They will first move your archive into the directory you want to unpackage the files into (usually the public_html directory), then change directories to that same one, so you can then extract the archive.

   mv archive.tar.gz path/to/destination/folder/
           cd path/to/destination/folder/
           tar -xzf archive.tar.gz
This should have moved much, if not all, of your website's documents.
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