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Migrating an Existing Blog

This article can assist if the WordPress blog is hosted on Just follow these steps to export and import the data.

  1. Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

  2. Click Tools.

  3. Click Export.

  4. Click Download Export File.

  5. *If your domain has a WordPress blog on it and it's not through, then you will need to:
    1. Export your blog.
    2. Change the name servers to point to &
    3. Wait 24-72 hours for DNS propagation time.
    4. Then import it using WordPress installed with hostmonster tools.

  6. Login to the WordPress Dashboard at the new domain name.

  7. Click on Tools and then select Import.

  8. Scroll down the page to the bottom.

  9. Click the link that says Wordpress.

  10. Click Browse and open the file that was exported.

  11. Click Upload file and import.

  12. Create or select the author for all posts.

  13. Mark the checkbox for import file attachments.

  14. Click Submit.

The WordPress blog has now been imported.

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