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Dreamweaver MX Configuration for PHP and MySQL


How do I configure Dreamweaver MX for PHP and MySQL?


Here are the settings for Dreamweaver MX with PHP and MySQL:

Create the MySQL Database and User

  • Log into your HostMonster account and click on "MySQL Databases"
  • Create a new database if needed. For help creating MySQL databases, Click Here.
  • Under "Users" create a new user and password if you don't already have one you want to use. For help creating MySQL users, Click Here.
  • Add that user to the database. It is common to grant all permissions unless otherwise instructed.
  • Add your IP address to the "Allowed Host" listing. Alternatively you may add the * symbol. This is a wildcard and will allow connection from any computer if they have the correct user name and password.  Click Here for more information.

Now open Dreamweaver, create a new blank PHP page, then at the top bar click on "Site" then "New".

Leave the "Local Info" as it is. Use the following Remote and Testing Server settings:

Remote Info:

  • Access: FTP
  • FTP Host:
  • Host Directory: public_html (this is the folder that your site loads to)
  • Login: *********
  • Password: *********
  • Passive FTP Box is checked!

Testing Server:

  • Server Model: PHP/MySQL
  • Access: FTP
  • FTP Host:
  • Host Directory: public_html
  • Login: *********
  • Password: *********
  • Passive FTP box is checked!
  • Url Prefix:

Open the MySQL Connections Dialog Box. It is in the application window (on the left side) under the databases tab.

MySQL Connections Dialog Box:

  • Connection Name: (whatever you name your connection)
  • MySQL Server: localhost.
  • User Name: (a database username that has access to the MySQL database(s).
  • Password: *******
  • Database: (you have to specify one database name)
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