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Character sets in PHP


How to Set different character sets with PHP and HTML to display correctly.


There is a character encoding setting inside of your php.ini file. By default, this is set to the standard Latin encoding (ISO-8859). If you would like to encode your page with different characters, like Arabic or Hindi, you will need to change this.

Most character sets will display correctly with UTF-8 encoding. If you're using an Asian character set, you may need to select a different encoding standard. To find out specific information about which character encoding will display your characters correctly Click Here.

You can find your php.ini file in this directory:
To change the character encoding in your php.ini file, find the following line and input your preferred character encoding. In the example below, UTF-8 is the character set.
    default_charset = "UTF-8"
Note: By default, the default_charset option is commented out. Be sure to delete the leading semi-colon so it does not look like this:

    ;default_charset = "UTF-8"
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