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Wordpress not correctly displaying languages


Wordpress will not correctly display languages other than English.


We need to change a bit of Wordpress code.

Open the file <wordpress_install>/wp-includes/gettext.php (where "wordpress_install" is the directory you choose to install Wordpress to).

Find the following:

    // $MAGIC1 = (int)0x950412de; //bug in PHP 5
    $MAGIC1 = (int) - 1794895138;
    // $MAGIC2 = (int)0xde120495; //bug
    $MAGIC2 = (int) - 569244523;
Change it to:
    // $MAGIC1 = (int)0x950412de; //bug in PHP 5
    $MAGIC1 = 2500072158;
    // $MAGIC2 = (int)0xde120495; //bug
    $MAGIC2 = 3725722773;
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