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Process / Script Times Out After 10 Minutes


My process for my script / program is timing out after 10 minutes.


The program or script you run on your site may require a process to run longer than 10 minutes.
  • On a shared IP address, the process will terminate at the 10 minute mark (600 seconds).
  • With a dedicated IP address, processes are allowed to run for more than 10 minutes as long as they aren't consuming too much of the server's memory, which would result in account being throttled. See CEO's Blog.
  • Account throttling can occur both on a shared and a dedicated IP address.
  • Certain voice chat programs require a dedicated IP address before they can be setup and used.
  • If you have a program that sends out emails every so many seconds, such as from a mailing list program like DaDa Mail, then you would need to get a dedicated IP address, if it's going to take more than 10 minutes to send out the emails.
A dedicated IP address will help when processes from scripts or programs, which don't consume too much CPU, need to run in the background for longer than 10 minutes.

Additional Information:

Follow this link to find out the differences between Shared and Dedicated IPs.
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