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Wordpress Plugins to increase Performance.


My Wordpress site is slow or seems down.


Occasionally when your site gets a large number of simultaneous visitors the site could appear down due to the overwhelming number of php processes running on the server.

The best way to combat this is to install a caching plugin Caching plugins will create static html files with identical information and allows simple html pages to be served faster with less load on the server.

Two very popular caching plugins are W3 Total Cache, and WP Super Cache.

1. Please log into your personal install of Wordpress.
2. Click on the Plugin Tabs Add New.
3. Then type the plugin name WP Super Cache or W3 Total.
4. Click on Install chosen Plugin and then Activate the Plugin.
5. Each plugin will need to be configured. For WP Super Cache visit Settings WP Super Cache page, and turn it on.
6. After you turn WP Super Cache please scroll down on the WP Super Cache option page screen until you see the Mod Rewrite Rules Section.
7. Then scroll down a little bit more and click on Update Now.
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