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I am trying to transfer a domain(s) from my current registrar to hostmonster. When I fill out the transfer form I cannot get beyond step 2/4. There does not seem to be any "submit" or "next" button. Am I doing something wrong?


You must supply the EPP/Auth Code for your domain from the losing registrar, step 2/4 is where you enter your codes. At the top of your screen you will see an empty box that you must type the EPP/Auth code in, this is the code that your current registrar should have supplied you with when you unlocked your domain with them. If they did not supply it to you automatically you will need to request it as not all registrars do this as an automatic system function. * This code is usually only good for 24-48 hours but may be good for up to 30 days. If expired you will need to obtain another one from them. When you place the EPP/Auth code in the vacant box you will press the button that says: "[EMAIL THE CODE TO NOW]" Once you have done this then you will receive a second code, this one is from us. You will then enter the code we sent you in the box and check the remaining info on the page to make sure it reflects accurately. If everything appears in order then at the bottom of the screen you will get the option to continue to step 3/4

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