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Defamatory, Obscene or Abusive Website


A Website you host is used to slander/libel me. What do I do to remove this?


Obscene, Defamatory, Abusive or Threatening Language. Use of the Services to store, post, transmit, display or otherwise make available obscene, defamatory, harassing, abusive or threatening language is prohibited. (See Paragraph 9, Sec. 14.

If Subscriber discovers anyone on the HostMonster system violating any of these Terms or notices anything suspicious from the HostMonster network, Subscriber agrees to report the violation or suspicious activity to for investigation. HostMonster reserves the right to and will immediately terminate any account which HostMonster concludes to be in violation of any of these Terms.

As you know, ours is a democratic country, where people can say what they like about one another. Certainly, if you have been libeled or slandered, you may have some legal recourse for that having happened. This legal recourse would be between yourself and our client, exclusively, and would be a matter for civil court to decide on. We do not take down websites without an official court order to do so. It would be a violation of our clients' rights to demand anything less, prior to removing a site from our servers.

If your attorney is able to obtain an injunction or other form of court order, please share a notarized copy of that letter with us. If we are able to verify the authenticity of the document, we will honor the request therein to remove the website from our servers.

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