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Accessing Web Disk and WebDav


Web disk (also known as WebDAV) is a drag-and-drop interface which allows you to access your website's files as if it were a local drive on your computer.

Notice, the same goal can be accomplished using FTP via Windows Explorer. See the Related Article.

Access Web Disk

  1. Login to cPanel and click the Web Disk icon.
  2. Scroll down and click the Access Web Disk button.
  3. Choose your operating system (the one you use on your personal computer) and click Go.
  4. A file to create the Web Disk will download to your computer and instructions will appear in cPanel to walk you through setting up the web disk on the selected OS.

Once the web disk is set up, you will be able to drag and drop files from your local drive to your website.

Windows Vista Workaround

If you are running Windows Vista on your desktop, you may need to download a patch from Microsoft's website in order to use Web Disk.

First follow the instruction, Access Web Disk, and select Vista from the list of operating systems.

Instructions on downloading and installing the patch can be found here. Additionally, you can find the patch here from Microsoft's website.

Windows 7

Issues with Windows 7:

This is a reminder that cPanel cannot handle Web Disk on Windows 7. If you are running Windows 7, you'll need to use the instruction on our Setup an FTP Disk in Windows Vista and 7 article or use a third party WebDAV software like NetDrive, BitKinex or WebDrive.

Mac OS X

How to connect with Mac OS X:

  1. Select the Finder on your Mac and then select Go from the top menu
  2. Under the Go menu, select Connect to Server
  3. In the Server Address field, type: ( or )
  4. Click Connect button
  5. In the "WebDAV Authentication" window, enter your cPanel username and password (You can find your cPanel username in the left hand bar of your cPanel).
  6. Click OK
  7. Your Web Disk space icon will then appear on the Desktop like any other disk or network drive. Double-click the icon to open it.
  8. The public_html folder will appear in your Web Disk space.
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