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Mail Folder

HostMonster uses a maildir system, which means that all email boxes and messages are stored as files in folders on your account.

The following instructions will show how these files and folders can be accessed through cPanel:

  1. Log into your cPanel, and click on the File Manager icon in the Files section.
  2. Navigate to the Home Directory (one step up from public_html).
  3. Open the mail folder.
  4. Find the folder which is named after the domain of the desired email.
  5. Inside you will find a folder for each email user of that domain. For example, if looking for the email, open the folder and inside you will find a folder webmaster along with any other email accounts for that domain.
  6. Once at the correct directory, go inside the folder named after the email user which matches the desired email address. Here you will find the new, cur, temp, .Trash, and .Sent folders for this particular email account.

We do not recommend that you change anything in these folders, but this can be very convenient if you want to mass delete a large number of emails or email accounts.

Note: Inside the mail folder will be folders called new, cur, temp, .Trash, and .Sent. These are NOT folders for any user created email accounts. (They are actually folders for the cPanel username.)
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