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Shopping Carts, why and how?

You can create an e-commerce site on any of the HostMonster plans. With an e-commerce site, you can sell your products and/or services.

In order for your website to become an e-commerce site, you will first need to install shopping cart software. There are several methods of doing this:

  1. Using MOJO Marketplace to install one of the many shopping cart software available.
  2. Manually installing a shopping cart software of your own. (recommended for advanced users only)
  3. Hire a developer or another company to install and/or manage the software for you.

Once you have installed your shopping cart software, you will want to configure the software to display your products. There are many shopping cart software packages available, and they all have their own unique interface and style of configuration, but you can follow some general steps to get your product showing:

  1. Log in to your shopping cart's admin area.
  2. Create a new product in the interface.
  3. Supply the information that describes your product. You may wish to include a picture of your product that you have uploaded previously.
  4. Set the pricing for your product. (you may need to configure a payment gateway and currency prior to this step depending on your software.)
  5. Save your new product and test it on the website to ensure that everything functions correctly.

Even when following the above steps, there are things that could potentially go wrong. Depending on which method you chose for installing your shopping cart software, you may wish to use different methods to attain the fastest support.

  • If you chose to install using MOJO Marketplace and have a problem with the installation, you will get the fastest support for the issue with the installation by contacting HostMonster.
  • If you chose to hire a developer or another company, then your support will likely be most expedient when contacting them directly.
  • If you have selected a manual installation, you will most likely want to contact the software developer directly to receive the quickest support available.

Once installed, it is best to contact the author/software developer of the shopping cart you are using, or the related support community for technical support. They would be the most knowledgeable resource available and would be best equipped to help you.

However, you are always welcome to contact HostMonster and we will do our best to assist you or at least point you in the right direction.

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