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IonCube Installation


Ioncube is already installed on all of our servers. Before your scripts may use Ioncube, you will need to generate a new php.ini file with Ioncube already configured.

Installing IonCube

To install IonCube:

  1. Login to your HostMonster Control Panel
  2. Locate the Software / Services section.
  3. Choose the PHP Config tool.

  4. Check the box labeled "IonCube" under "Additional extensions available for Installation"
  5. Click "SAVE CHANGES"
    Note: If you currently have a file labeled php.ini in your public_html folder, the system will rename the file and add this new one.
Note: For these changes to apply to any site or files hosted outside of your public_html directory you will need to change your php settings to use Single php.ini or FastCGI. For instructions on how to do this please see our article PHP Config
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