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Optimizing MySQL: Queries and Indexes Article 2 of 4 Courtesy of: Ian Gilfillan Some knowledge of how indexes work allows you to use them more efficiently. Firstly, note that when you update a table w
Knowledgebase Article 92,325 views tags: indexes mysql optimize optimizing queries query

How to use the yum package mnager to install and update applications and programs.
Knowledgebase Article 50,664 views tags: dedicated vps yum

Our policy on changing the contact email address.
Knowledgebase Article 17,730 views tags: account profile

How do I update my renewal settings?
Knowledgebase Article 157,643 views tags: account settings

How to update your WordPress site, using the WordPress tools
Knowledgebase Article 7,448 views tags: upgrade wordpresstools

Per ICANN, your contact information is included on the domain's record in the WHOIS database required information includes your full name, postal address, email address, and voice telephone number
Knowledgebase Article 17,937 views tags: domain verification whois

A step-by-step guide to updating your credit card information.
Knowledgebase Article 48,393 views tags: account profile

This article will explain why you see "Your WordPress site appears to be infected with malware. Please update to remedy this problem."
Knowledgebase Article 45,490 views tags: malware wordpress wordpresstools

A guide on how to update your WordPress plugins
Knowledgebase Article 60,448 views tags: plugins wordpress

How to edit several individual pages to replace a string of text e.g. update the phone number on the footer of every page on your site.
Knowledgebase Article 64,316 views tags: command find replace ssh

How to update Whois Domain Contact email
Knowledgebase Article 63,936 views tags: email transfer whois

A step-by-step guide to update the email address we have on file.
Knowledgebase Article 14,016 views tags: Contact profile

How to enable the function to manually update AwStats
Knowledgebase Article 146,657 views tags: awstats logs manual statistics stats update

This article will explain how to change the password for a database in the event that the original password is lost.
Knowledgebase Article 46,199 views tags: database mysql password

How to Migrate a self hosted copy of WordPress
Knowledgebase Article 426,091 views tags: migrate wordpress

This article will explain how to setup, remove, or edit a Cron Job.
Knowledgebase Article 185,880 views tags: cron crontab job

My Wordpress site is slow or seems down.
Knowledgebase Article 84,564 views tags: wordpress

How do I change my Control Panel password?
Knowledgebase Article 281,894 views tags: change cpanel password passwords protect

How to setup name servers for multiple cPanel accounts.
Knowledgebase Article 93,246 views tags: accounts custom dedicated multi multiple nameservers server servers

Embed Video in WordPress
Knowledgebase Article 3,033 views tags:

How long will it take to get my new site online?
Knowledgebase Article 94,174 views tags: account long sign signup site time

A step by step guide to using your new HostMonster hosting account.
Getting Started Article 3,818,700 views tags: MOJO domain email ftp password wordpress

How to setup an email account in Outlook 2016 for Mac
Knowledgebase Article 4,046 views tags: client email mac mail outlook setup

How can I cancel my hosting account?
Knowledgebase Article 543,431 views tags: cancel credit guarantee prorate

This article will explain how to change the Site URL or Home URL setting in WordPress. This may be useful if you have moved your WordPress site or are planning to move your WordPress site.
Knowledgebase Article 26,386 views tags: home site url wordpress wordpresstools

This article explains some common causes for IP blocks. For security purposes we do not reveal any specific criteria that will cause your IP address to be blocked.
Knowledgebase Article 20,007 views tags: address blocked ip

What might be the reasons you haven't received the EPP Code
Knowledgebase Article 11,810 views tags: domains epp

How to modify name servers with bought domain through HostMonster.
Knowledgebase Article 268,431 views tags: dns domain manager nameservers servers

I am prompted to set a new MySQL password. What does this mean and how do I change it?
Knowledgebase Article 81,797 views tags: connect database mysql password phpmyadmin username

Can I have multiple domains pointing to my site or to a directory on my site?
Knowledgebase Article 245,564 views tags: domain domains

This article explains how to manager your ports through IPTables.
Knowledgebase Article 5,707 views tags: close dedi dedicated iptables open ports vps

You need two things to have a successful website and professional email: a domain registration and a hosting account.
Knowledgebase Article 6,453 views tags: dns domain domains nameservers servers

To help with transferring of accounts from other servers to your account.
Knowledgebase Article 67,749 views tags: account dedicated multi multiple reseller single transfer whm

Sender Policy Framework records, or SPF records are a type of DNS record used to identify which mail servers should be allowed to send email from a certain domain name.
Knowledgebase Article 218 views tags: dedicated email prevent spf spoof spoofing vps

Adding a Link in WordPress
Knowledgebase Article 2,501 views tags:

Instructions for restting your Email Account's Password through cPanel or Webmail
Knowledgebase Article 263,461 views tags: email forgot password reset webmail

How to Purchase a Dedicated IP
Knowledgebase Article 188,215 views tags: addon ip

What are the commonly used DNS entries?
Knowledgebase Article 321,233 views tags: a aaaa cname dns record srv txt zone

How to setup your HostMonster-hosted email address with an email application.
Knowledgebase Article 42,513 views tags: application client email mail outlook webmail

Transfer Domain Registration: When a domain registration is transferred to us, we must register the domain name for a minimum of one (1) year. We only accept registrations for the .com, .net, .org, .
Getting Started Article 543,516 views tags: domain hosting nameservers started transfer

What should I do if I am having problems with multiple password prompts on my password protected directory?
Knowledgebase Article 87,244 views tags: folder password protect

Why would a File System Rebuild need to occur?
Knowledgebase Article 79,572 views tags: maintenance server

WordPress How to Disable Trackbacks
Knowledgebase Article 3,296 views tags:

How do I create a redirect?
Knowledgebase Article 303,749 views tags: htaccess redirect redirects

How to install a local copy of Python 2.7
Knowledgebase Article 82,060 views tags: python

This article will explain how to change your WordPress Urls
Video "How-to" Tutorial 128,075 views tags: login temp troubleshooting urls wordpress

Redirects allow you to make a specific web page redirect to another page and display the contents of that page. Learn how to setup a Permanent (301 or Termporary (302) redirects.
Video "How-to" Tutorial 318,776 views tags: cpanel cpanelutilities domain forward redirect

This article will explain how to use Easy Apache to recompile Apache. This is useful if you want to change the version of PHP or change other PHP and Apache settings.
Knowledgebase Article 8,388 views tags: apache build compile dedi dedicated easy modules version vps

Once I Register a Domain, How Long Does it Take to Become Active?
Knowledgebase Article 179,923 views tags: dns domain register

This article will explain the benefits of SiteLock in regards to application scanning.
Knowledgebase Article 10,803 views tags: sitelock

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