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HostMonster has 3 recommendations for blocking spam.


SpamExperts is an advanced Spam and virus protection tool designed to filter out harmful and annoying content before it hits your machine. Utilizing increasingly advanced and customizable protection tools (designed by Google) SpamExperts will stop most Spam problems. Each e-mail address can be independently configured to work with SpamExperts, utilizing it's own settings, Whitelists and protection levels. The rate for this is $2.99 a month per domain name. To enable SpamExperts, log into your Control Panel and click the SpamExperts tab along top.

Spam Hammer

Spam Hammer is a method of defending e-mail users against spam by "temporarily rejecting" any email from a sender it does not recognize. We defer connections from mail servers we do not have in our whitelist. This simply means we ask sending mail server to try again later. This is a form of "graylisting". See Spam Hammer for more details and how to enable.


SpamAssassin is a great tool, however it needs to be configured and edited in order to work properly.
Enabling it will mark incoming emails as spam if they meet the required criteria.
SpamAssassin should be modified to rewrite the subject of the email "*******SPAM*******".
As SpamAssassin is now correctly tagging your email with this subject, a second step is needed.
Please create a filter to discard all emails with the subject containing "*******SPAM*******"
To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Control Panel
  2. Choose 'User Level Filtering'
  3. Click the 'Manage Filters' link for respective address
  4. Click the 'Create a Filter' button
  5. Change the Filter Name
  6. In the drop-down boxes provided, select 'Subject' and 'Contains' values and enter in text box below it the
    value ' *******SPAM******* '. Select the Action you want.
This will stop any further Spam Assassin marked messages from finding their way into your inbox.
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