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Tax Rates and Exemptions

Tax is charged in accordance with local laws in each country. This article will go over the taxes we currently apply and the exemption application process.

VAT (Value Added Tax)

VAT is a tax on consumer spending within the territory of a European Member (E.U.) State. VAT is not included in prices displayed on HostMonster's site. When applicable, VAT is charged separately and will be itemized on invoices and billing information.

As a non-E.U. supplier of web-hosting services to customers in the European Union (E.U.), HostMonster is required to comply with the European VAT (Value Added Tax) regulations and charge VAT to customers located in the E.U.

Customers categorized as Business users in the E.U. may be required to self-account for VAT under EC Directive 2006/112, Art 196, using the reverse charge mechanism. For HostMonster to determine if you may fall into this category and not charge you VAT, you must supply all required information.

If your hosting account accrued charges BEFORE you supplied the necessary information to HostMonster, VAT will be charged on all purchases prior to the change.

India GST (Goods & Services Tax)

Effective July 1, 2017 India has increased their Service Tax on electronically supplied services sold by foreign entities to customers located in India to 18%. As part of our on going compliance with India Tax Laws, we will be applying the India Service Tax on all of our products sold to India customers. If you are exempt from the India Service Tax, please provide your India Goods and Services Tax Registration Number so that we may exempt your purchase on your next invoice.

US Sales Tax

Most American states require a tax be paid on any sale. Some states also impose local county taxes, which would be combined with the state tax to determine your total tax rate. Beginning March of 2018, HostMonster will begin applying State Sales taxes to all applicable orders. Since sales tax rates differ by state, you will need to review your state's taxation policies for specifics. You can find a list of all continental states here.

If your business is tax-exempt, please provide your Tax Exemption Number so that we can make the necessary adjustments. 

Applying for an Exemption

If you are a tax-exempt business, you can add your tax exemption number to waive taxes on purchases made through your HostMonster account. Existing customers should receive an email with instructions on how to apply for the exemption soon after this is made available, while new customers will be prompted during sign up.

Tax Rates

Tax Type Jurisdiction Tax Rate
United States (US)
Sales Tax Texas2 TX 8.25%
European Union (EU)
VAT Austria AT 20%
VAT Belgium BE 21%
VAT Bulgaria BG 20%
VAT Cyprus CY 19%
VAT Czech Republic CZ 21%
VAT Germany DE 19%
VAT Denmark DK 25%
VAT Estonia EE 20%
VAT Spain ES 21%
VAT Finland FI 24%
VAT France FR 20%
VAT United Kingdom GB 20%
VAT Greece GR 24%
VAT Hungary HU 27%
VAT Ireland IE 23%
VAT Italy IT 22%
VAT Lithuania LT 21%
VAT Luxembourg LU 17%
VAT Latvia LV 21%
VAT Malta MT 18%
VAT Netherlands NL 21%
VAT Poland PL 23%
VAT Portugal PT 23%
VAT Romania RO 20%
VAT Sweden SE 25%
VAT Slovenia SI 22%
VAT Slovakia SK 20%
All Others
GST Australia1 AU 10%
GST India IN 18%
VAT Japan3 JP 8%
GST New Zealand1 NZ 15%
VAT Norway1 NO 25%
VAT Russia3 RU 15.25%
VAT Switzerland1 CH 8%
VAT Taiwan3 TW 5%

New Customers

You will be to add your exemption number during the sign-up process. Click Add tax exemption (beneath the total), and enter your exemption number. 
Once saved, we will store this for future purchases. 

Existing Customers

If you already have an account with us and need to apply for an exemption, the exemption number can be entered at the bottom of the billing portal.

Once signed in,
  1. Click the account tab. The Account Profile will load.
  2. At the bottom of the Billing Information section, click Update Tax Registration Number ^
  3. A box will drop down asking for Tax Exemption Number. Enter your exemption number, then select the state you are applying through.
  4. Click the update tax info button when finished to submit your application. 
Note: The tax exemption form will only show in countries where we are going to charge tax in.

If at any time, these details need to be updated, you can return to the billing portal to Edit or Remove the current setting.

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