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How to setup an MX Record


MX Records specify the server that will handle your email. This article will show you how to modify an MX Record using the DNS Zone Editor.

Accessing the DNS Zone Editor

  1. Log into the cPanel at or
  2. Scroll down to the DNS Section.
  3. Click the DNS Zone Editor.

Creating an MX Record

  1. If you have multiple domains on your account make sure the correct domain name is selected from the Domain drop-down menu.
  2. Host Record: Enter the Host Record you would like to use.
  3. TTL: Unless otherwise instructed its best to leave the Time To Live at 14400.
  4. Type: From the drop down menu choose "MX".
  5. Points To: Enter the Domain Name that will be handing the email.
  6. Note: This can not be an IP Address, you will need to use a Fully Qualified Domain.

  7. Priority: The exact number is not as important as the order that you enter. The server with the lowest number will be the main or default mail server.
  8. Click the Add Record button to create the new MX Record.
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