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Setting a Password for the Main MySQL User


The main MySQL username is primarily used to login to phpMyAdmin however it can also be used in database connection scripts. If you are using the main MySQL username to connect to a database, you will need to change the MySQL user password and update the password in your script.

Note: MySQL users you create will not be affected. This password change is only for the main username as shown on the password change screen.

Setting the main MySQL Password

  1. Login to your HostMonster Control Panel
  2. Click the Change MySQL Password icon, found under the Databases section of the cPanel.

  3. Example Image

  4. Notice the username shown. This is the main username for your account.
  5. Enter in a new password in the "New Password" text box. As you type you will see the password requirements which have not yet been met. You can also see your password's strength.
    Note: This will only change the password for the main MySQL user.
  6. Enter in the same password again in the second "New Password" text box.
  7. Click the Set MySQL Password button. You should then see a message "Your password has successfully been updated, Click here to continue".
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