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MySQL Database and user name convention


I cannot connect to my database locally or remotely, do I have the correct server, username and password?


Since we run a shared hosting environment, we uniquely identify your MySQL users to your account ONLY. We do this by attaching your system's username and an underscore("_") before all the MySQL databases and MySQL users YOU create.


    In creating a New Database, you enter "db01"
    The real database name: username_db01.
This applies to both your database name and database user, your password stays normal or is not pre-pended like the name or user.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Your MySQL User can only be up to 7 characters long.
  • You also need to remember to add your MySQL User to your database after the two are created.
Database Server/Host Address:

If your script or program is going to be accessing our database locally, meaning script and database are on same account, the server/host address will always be: localhost, just like that, lowercase and one word.

If you are using Remote Database Management Software, the server would either be your domain name: or the Shared Server IP (preferred choice). The shared server IP is found in the Stats section of the cPanel on left side.

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