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Account Level Email Filtering


Filtering allows the selection of messages that contain certain strings of text or other symbols, and process or discard them. Account level filters apply to every email account on your hosting account. User level filters only apply to the email account you choose.

Creating a Filter

  • Click either the Account Level Filtering or User Level filtering icon, located in the Mail section.
  • For user lever filters, Click Manage Filters next to the account for which you wish to add filters.
  • To add a filter, click Create a new Filter.
  • Create a new Filter
  • In the Filter Name field type in a unique name for the filter.
  • From the Rules options you should choose the rules a mail should match in order to be filtered.
  • From the Actions drop-down menu you should choose what action should be performed when a mail matches a rule in the filter.
  • To enable the filter, click Activate.

  • Note: Please note that e-mail filtering does not leave a copy of the e-mail in the box you apply the filter for.
    Note: A word about operators: When you create a filter using several operators, it may be useful to note that cPanel will always process the "and" operator before the "or" operator. As a result, email filters will be processed as follows:
    • A and B or C will be processed as (A and B) or C.
    • If you wish to create a filter such as (A or B) and (C or D), you would have to create it like so:
      (A and C) or (A and D) or (B and C) or (B and D).
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