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How to Backup a MySQL Database


There are three options available to backup your MySQL databases

Using Site Backup & Restore

  1. Select "Site Backup & Restore" from the Files category, after logging into cPanel.
  2. Select "MySQL Database (Individual)" option.
  3. Select the desired archive date.
  4. Select the desired database.
  5. Click "Download file" option on the right, or from the interactive mouse-over menu.

Using phpMyAdmin

  1. Login to your cPanel and click phpMyAdmin icon in Databases section.
  2. Select the database you wish to export the backup from the drop-down list.
  3. Click on the "Export" Tab.
  4. Click the "GO" button.
  5. You will be asked to save the .sql file to the hard drive; select the desired path, and click the OK button.
    Note: This can take a significant period of time, depending on the size of the file being imported, the number of operations the .sql file must perform, and a number of other variables.

Using the Command Line

Use the command line in SSH. Please see the separate Helpdesk article here.

          mysqldump -u username -p database_name > filenamehere.sql

Note: You will be prompted for your MYSQL password. Enter your password and this will export a copy of the database into your specified filename.

If you need assistance with any of these procedures, please contact our Support department.

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