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Changing Hosting Term


A hosting term change occurs when your existing hosting is changed to another term length within the same hosting plan. This is different from upgrading or downgrading to another hosting plan. The Billing Department will be happy to assist you with a term change by live chat, or phone if another term length or hosting plan better fits your needs.
You are not under any contract and you can cancel at any time for a prorated refund, regardless of the term you have chosen.

New Account

All of our customers receive a promotional rate for their first hosting term; after which, all accounts will renew at our standard rates. Take advantage of the promotional rate by contacting us to upgrade to a longer term within the first 30 days of your account. The longer you sign up for at the promotional rate, the greater your discount overall. The savings can be significant!

When a term change is processed within 30 days of sign-up, a full credit for the original hosting term will be applied toward the charge for the new hosting term. You will be refunded or charged for the difference based on the term length chosen. The expiration date of your account will not change.

Example 1 – Longer Term

Original Term: 12 months at $8.95/month = $107.40
New Term: 36 months at $6.95/month = $250.20
Difference: $250.20 – $107.40 = $142.80 Owed

The original 12 month term would have renewed at the standard rate of $11.99 for each of the next two years, for a total of $395.16 over 36 months, but a 36 month term at the promotional rate of $6.95 is a total of $250.20, a savings of $144.96!

Example 2 – Shorter Term

Original Term: 24 months at $7.95/month = $190.80
New Term: 36 months at $6.95/ month = $107.40
Difference: $107.40 – $190.80 = $83.40 Refund

Existing Account

When a term change is processed on an account older than 30 days, a prorated credit for the remaining time on the current hosting term is applied toward the charge for your new hosting term. You will be refunded or charged for the difference based on the term length chosen. The new term will begin the date the term change is processed, changing the expiration date.

Example 1 – Longer Term

Remaining Term: 8.33 months at $11.99/month = $99.87
New Term: 24 months at $10.99/month = $263.76
Difference: $99.87 – $263.76 = $163.89

Example 2 – Shorter Term

Remaining Term: 29.21 months at $9.99/month = $291.80
New Term: 12 months at $8.99/month = $107.88
Difference: $291.80 – $107.88 = $183.92


  • A term change cannot be processed if the account is in a pre-renewal state, which is when a renewal has been processed on the account but the new term has not started yet. If the account is in pre-renewal, the Billing Department can reverse the renewal and issue a refund, which would allow a term the account renewed for the term length of your choice.
  • A term change cannot be processed between VPS and Dedicated hosting plans.
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