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How do I publish my Web site using Publisher?


The easiest way to publish from Publisher would be to just use Publisher itself to upload the files to your HostMonster account. Here are the step you will have to take.
  1. Open your Web site in Publisher
  2. Click on File > Publish to the Web (a window will open up asking you to put in the files name, delete the name in the box)
  3. Under the file name type (then click save. Publisher will try to login to your account)
  4. Type the username: password: your main HostMonster password (then click ok. Publisher will log in to your account.)
  5. Under file name, now type index.html and click on save.

That's it. Publisher will automatically upload your files to your account for you.

Then, any time you make changes to your site in Publisher, you will just follow the same steps and the program will automatically add the updated pages to your account.

If you have any problems publishing directly through publisher, Click Here for an alternative method.

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