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Generate a GPG/PGP key using SSH


In addition to being able to use the GnuPG Keys tool to generate a gpg key, you can also use SSH.

Generating a new Gnupg (gpg) key

  • Log into your account via ssh
  • Type the Command: gpg --gen-key
  • It will walk you through a few steps (all are fairly self-explanatory):
    • Select Encryption Type
    • Enter Key Size(1024 is standard)
    • Enter Expiration Date
    • Enter Name
    • Enter Email Address
    • Enter Comment(Description of the Key)
    • Confirm with O
  • That's it! To view your keys that you created, use the command: gpg --list-key
Note: All of these keys are stored in your home directory, under the folder .gnupg
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