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ASP .NET and MS Access Database Compatibility


Do you support .NET, ASP, Access, COM objects, or Web Bots?


Because we use a Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP environment (LAMP), none of the aforementioned languages, objects, tools or database types are supported. Our environment currently support MySQL, PostGreSQL, PHP, CGI, PERL, PYTHON and Ruby On Rails.

Aside from using a different database and/or language for your sites--which is likely not always a feasible option, we recommend the following possible alternatives:
  • Hire a developer to re-program ASP .NET in CGI, PHP or another scripting language that is Linux compatible.
  • Convert the pages to PHP by using Microsoft's conversion tool.
  • Move your content to a host that provides Windows-based services.
  • Please visit for information on converting Access Databases to MySQL. Note: this is not an official resource.

    Please note we do not provide support or assistance converting your website or databases; we recommend speaking to a developer regarding this task.

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