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Using autoresponder to form submissions on website


I want to collect my visitor's name/email from a page within my site and store that info for use in an autoresponder.


In order to gather information like you need, I recommend looking into the cPanel and click "CGI Center" icon to find the "Blue Mail" link. This provides an example form and is very similar to what you'll need in place to collect information from your visitors. With some simple editing, your form will be emailing you the info you need/want.

As for creating an auto-responder, that can easily be accomplished by going to the cPanel and select the Auto Responders icon under the Mail section. Where you install the files, and what you name them is totally up to you. We just provide the space, what you do with it is your call.

Pooling the collected information into a mailing list is another task you'll have to tackle. We have no automated facilities in place for something like that.

For mailing lists, we recommend any of the mailing lists (DadaMail, poMMo, phpList, etc.) that are found in the One-Click Installs icon under the MOJO Marketplace section. Any one of these can easily be auto-installed.

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