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Email not reaching remotely hosted email server


My domain's MX records point elsewhere and I cannot send emails to my domain from the web.


If you have the MX records set to a server other than ours and you are having these problems, it may be that our hosting system (not the DNS system) assumes the MX is hosted locally and it fails delivering locally.

To remedy this, you would need to change the "MX Entry" from the control panel (cPanel). From within your HostMonster cPanel, click the MX Entry icon in the Mail section. Select the domain you wish to change from the drop down menu. Next choose "Remote Mail Exchanger" to indicate all email sent to this domain from your HostMonster account should be delivered externally based on the MX record(s).

If you are still not sure this worked, please contact the support and ask if the domain is set to Local or Remote, dependent on where the MX is hosted. We will gladly review this for you.

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