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How to manage the SSL used for cPanel login through the WHM
Knowledgebase Article 208,113 views tags: cpanel dedicated install login manage server ssl

If you need to transfer or restore a cPanel account for your VPS or Dedicated server, there is a tool within the WHM panel to perform these tasks. This article is about transferring or restoring from another server or restoring after a re-image.
Knowledgebase Article 72,626 views tags: backup cpanel dedicated hosting restore server transfer vps

This article will show you how to upgrade your cPanel software to the latest version.
Knowledgebase Article 12,015 views tags:

If you suspect malicious content, hacks or a virus on your VPS/Dedicated account here are some tools located in your WHM that you can use.
Knowledgebase Article 181,884 views tags: clamav dedi dedicated malware virus vps

Explains what is offered through rWHM
Knowledgebase Article 78,674 views tags: rWHM

VPS and Dedicated customers with servers running the CentOS 6 operating system will not be able to upgrade cPanel past version 86. The cPanel team will still support CentOS 6 with cPanel 86 until March 31st, 2021.
Knowledgebase Article 86,036 views tags: centos cpanel dedicated hosting private server upgrade virtual vps

This article will explain how to log in to WHM on a VPS or Dedicated hosting account
Knowledgebase Article 388,411 views tags: log login whm

How to change your Hostname in WHM
Knowledgebase Article 113,922 views tags: dedicated whm

This article will explain how-to enable FTP on a newly provisioned VPS or Dedicated cPanel server. Since FTP is an unsecured connection point to the server, cPanel has it disabled by default in version 11.86 or prior.
Knowledgebase Article 24,859 views tags: dedicated file ftp root server transfer vps

How to setup name servers for multiple cPanel accounts.
Knowledgebase Article 258,089 views tags: accounts custom dedicated multi multiple nameservers server servers

This article will explain how to log in to your Account Control Panel
Knowledgebase Article 914,874 views tags: access control cpanel log login panel

How to renew an existing SSL certificate--or purchase a new one, within your cPanel
Knowledgebase Article 317,651 views tags: cert certificate layer secure security socket ssl

Short tutorial on how to set file and user Permissions in cPanel.
Knowledgebase Article 294,694 views tags: file permission permissions rights

Explains how to edit the .htaccess
Knowledgebase Article 344,788 views tags: htaccess

How to use use the FTP Account tool to create additional FTP Accounts. This is useful for granting FTP access to your account without giving anyone your cPanel password.
Video "How-to" Tutorial 1,118,670 views tags: account accounts cpanelutilities ftp login publish upload

Instructions for restting your Email Account's Password through cPanel or Webmail
Knowledgebase Article 579,306 views tags: email forgot password reset webmail

How do I grant permissions to cPanel for my MySQL database administrator without giving them the domain password?
Knowledgebase Article 264,546 views tags: access grant mysql password permission

How do I create a Public/Private Key Pair in cPanel for use via SSH?
Knowledgebase Article 594,204 views tags: key private public putty ssh windows

Allowing access to Awstats without requiring a cPanel login
Knowledgebase Article 586,779 views tags: awstats

To help with installing an SSL certificate for an account on a dedicated server through the WHM
Knowledgebase Article 246,975 views tags: assign dedicated server ssl whm

This article will explain how to access and use the Web Disk and cPanel as well as explain variations for different operating systems.
Knowledgebase Article 180,337 views tags: cpanel webdav webdisk

To install a phpBB forum using MOJO Marketplace, log into the cPanel and scroll down to the Software/Services category. Click on the MOJO Marketplace icon. Click on the phpBB icon. Click the Install Now bu
Getting Started Article 555,017 views tags: MOJO checkbox install phpbb terms

To view your stats, scroll down to the Logs section of the cPanel Here are different programs that can be used to view your stats. We most recommend awstats When you select your stats program, you ma
Getting Started Article 499,513 views tags: awstats domain select stats view

What is the Process Manager? How do I use the Process Manager? Why can I get to my cPanel but homepage does not display?
Knowledgebase Article 208,775 views tags: concurrent connections displaying frozen manager manger process site twenty website

To change the default sender listed in the WHM.
Knowledgebase Article 99,867 views tags: default sender whm

How do I Access My Account Control Panel?
Knowledgebase Article 844,355 views tags: access alternate control cpanel panel port secure secured

How do I view Thumbnails of images in a directory? How do I scale images? How do I convert an image to a jpg, gif, bmp, or png?
Knowledgebase Article 242,313 views tags: bmp gif images jpg manager png scale thumbnails

How to modify the Exim Port (Mail Transfer Agent) in the WHM
Knowledgebase Article 114,619 views tags: dedicated exim outgoing port sending server whm

This article will explain how to utilize the IP Deny Manager tool in cPanel.
Knowledgebase Article 214,951 views tags: block deny ip ips manager

How to configure Backup Settings --- Dedicated and VPS
Knowledgebase Article 122,373 views tags: backups whm

This article will explain how to configure your dedicated or VPS server to use the new (non legacy) backup system.
Knowledgebase Article 100,436 views tags: backup dedi dedicated vps

How to protect your Dedicated Server using cPHulk
Knowledgebase Article 134,208 views tags: dedicated security whm

Knowledgebase Article 310,945 views tags: cube hometab installer ion ioncube

VPS and Dedicated servers come with all applications necessary to run a standard web and email server. The applications that come with the VPS and Dedicated servers are generally supported as-is by our support technicians.

A list of common log files and their locations.
Knowledgebase Article 111,093 views tags: dedi dedicated directory file folder list locations logs vps

This article will explain how to clear the outbound mail queue on a dedicated or VPS server.
Knowledgebase Article 135,581 views tags: dedi dedicated mail queue vps

How to install ClamAV to help with virus protection.
Knowledgebase Article 157,164 views tags: antivirus clamav cpanel dedicated plugin server whm

To help with transferring of accounts from other servers to your account.
Knowledgebase Article 209,741 views tags: account dedicated multi multiple reseller single transfer whm

Do You Have Any Applications Available for Customers to Use?
Knowledgebase Article 243,547 views tags: Marketplace cgi scripts

Prices for Dedicated Hosting and Dedicated related addons
Knowledgebase Article 337,927 views tags: dedicated faq price

How to use a WildCard SSL Certificate
Knowledgebase Article 211,746 views tags: htaccess reseller ssl subdomain subfolder wildcard

Prices for VPS Hosting and VPS related addons
Knowledgebase Article 389,325 views tags: faq price vps

How to reset various passwords associated with your account
Knowledgebase Article 145,286 views tags: change password reset update

CSF is a firewall for VPS and Dedicated servers. CSF is not installed as part of our default images on VPS or Dedicated servers. This article describes how to install it yourself or request support do so.
Knowledgebase Article 72,393 views tags: configserver csf dedicated firewall security vps

How to prevent your server from freezing up or fix site performance problems on a VPS or Dedicated
Knowledgebase Article 93,829 views tags: dedicated optimize vps whm

Is SSH/Shell access enabled by default?
Knowledgebase Article 844,010 views tags: bash command line secure shell ssh

This article will explain how to create and manage users on Dedicated or VPS servers.
Knowledgebase Article 126,968 views tags: dedi dedicated users vps

This article will explain some common causes for 500 errors on Dedicated or V.P.S servers.
Knowledgebase Article 117,025 views tags: dedi dedicated error server vps

How to Migrate a self hosted copy of WordPress
Knowledgebase Article 772,831 views tags: migrate wordpress

How do I create a MySQL backup?
Knowledgebase Article 401,802 views tags: backup database mysql

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