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Domain Dispute Policy


As the registrar, we will assist in the following domain dispute, providing the specific criteria is met.

  • The domain has been moved without the domain owner's consent by means of the password or EPP code for the domain.
  • The domain has been moved with the domain owner's consent by means of the password or EPP code for the domain.

Please note: In the case where two or more individuals have the password and/or the EPP code for the domain, we will first move the domain back to the originating account (typically the account the domain was on before the dispute), and then proceed to gather evidence on who should be awarded the domain.

The domain has been moved without the domain owner's consent by means of the password or EPP code for the domain.

  1. The complainant may obtain access to the domain by providing the password over the original account or the EPP code over the domain. In this case we will move the domain back to the original account.
  2. Other means whereby a complainant may obtain access to the domain is to provide proof of ownership of the domain through the whois, if the whois displays their contact information we will need proof of this contact information by faxing or emailing proof of the address. (i.e. Driver's license, government identification, or passport. It must match the domain whois/contact information.)

The domain has been moved with the domain owner's consent by means of the password or EPP code for the domain.

  1. The complainant may obtain access to the domain by providing proof of ownership of the domain through the password over the account the domain is still on or the last 4 digits of the credit card used for the most recent purchase of the domain. If the WHOIS displays the customer's contact information, this can be proven by faxing or emailing proof of the address (i.e. Driver's license, business license, or passport if such contain the owners name as well as the address which is listed in the WHOIS).
  2. If this proof is not able to be obtained, the complainant will have to go through the means of legal recourse having legitimately lost property in a way which will only be able to be proven through such means. The domains which are eligible for domain disputes are those which are described in the UDRP (concerning trademark issues) as established by ICANN.


For full information concerning the UDRP policy as established by ICANN please refer to the following link:


See the following link for information on how to file a dispute or response:


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