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How to use use the FTP Account tool to create additional FTP Accounts. This is useful for granting FTP access to your account without giving anyone your cPanel password. (updated 217 days ago)
Video "How-to" Tutorial 536,448 views tags: account accounts cpanelutilities ftp login publish upload

Redirects allow you to make a specific web page redirect to another page and display the contents of that page. Learn how to setup a Permanent (301 or Termporary (302) redirects. (updated 1419 days ago)
Video "How-to" Tutorial 271,682 views tags: cpanel cpanelutilities domain forward redirect

Learn how to purchase, or register, additional domain names. (updated 1718 days ago)
Video "How-to" Tutorial 218,574 views tags: cpanelutilities domain register

Learn how the Cron Job tool can help you automate the scripts on your web site. (updated 54 days ago)
Video "How-to" Tutorial 154,953 views tags: cpanelutilities cron

How to setup and use Custom Name Servers with your Domain name (updated 196 days ago)
Video "How-to" Tutorial 148,015 views tags: cpanelutilities custom

This tutorial will show you how you can password protect parts of your website by password protecting the folder(s) on your account. (updated 375 days ago)
Video "How-to" Tutorial 132,597 views tags: cpanel cpanelutilities login password protect

The Legacy File Manager will allow you to manage almost everything about your files, you can use it to upload, download, edit the code, change permissions and more! (updated 1718 days ago)
Video "How-to" Tutorial 96,435 views tags: cpanelutilities files upload

Learn how to find out how much of the unlimited disk space you have used. (updated 1164 days ago)
Video "How-to" Tutorial 96,085 views tags: cpanelutilities disk file unlimited