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What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It improves your website’s ranking in the “natural” results of major search engines. The natural results (also called “organic results”) are based almost entirely on the relevancy of your website to specific search terms, also known as keywords.

Why is SEO Important?

  • 77% of search engine users click on natural listings before paid search listings.

  • 72% of merchants who sell to local markets rate SEO as their best ROI tactic or a good ROI tactic.

  • 74% of users had a favorable impression of brands that appeared in the top positions of the natural results.

What's Included with SEO?

  • Management: Your personal, experienced Marketing Program Manager is always accessible to answer your questions, provide feedback, and listen to your insights. Using our knowledge and customized tools, we recommend keywords that will maximize your campaign’s impact.

  • Standard: Our SEO team will perform off-site link building, including social bookmark creation and article distribution, to help improve your website’s ranking.

  • Aggressive: We increase our effectiveness by creating more inbound links to your website with 5 unique blog posts per month. This package allows us to target more competitive keywords with higher search volumes.

  • Reporting: You’ll receive weekly reports to track the progress of your keywords and placement on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Packages & Pricing

The best way to find out about the SEO Packages and Prices is to speak with a HostMonster representative.

You may call us at (866) 573-4678 Or feel free to chat with us.

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