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Install Python 2.7 to your account


HostMonster uses the preinstalled version of Python that ships with CentOS. Because of this it is often not the latest release. This article will explain how to install an updated version of python locally.

Download Python

Enter the following commands to download and extract Python 2.7 to your hosting account.
        mkdir ~/python
        cd ~/python
        tar zxfv Python-2.7.2.tgz
        find ~/python -type d | xargs chmod 0755
        cd Python-2.7.2

Install Python

Once extracted you can use the following commands to configure and install Python.

        ./configure --prefix=$HOME/python
        make install

Modify the .bashrc

For your local version of python to load you will need to add it to the .bashrc file.
        vim ~/.bashrc
Press i

        export PATH=$HOME/python/Python-2.7.2/:$PATH
Write the changes (press ESC) and close vim:
Press Enter
        source ~/.bashrc
Note: You may need to logout for the environment to update.
Enter python -V to check the version of python installed.
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