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Free Domain Coupon / Voucher: General information

For this article the Free Domain coupon / voucher will be referred to as “voucher”.

Everyone who purchases a qualifying account receives one (1) domain voucher to register a domain of their choice. Once the domain has been registered for three(3) days there is no refund. You can only get a refund within the first three(3) days of purchase. This doesn't include domain renewals.

In the event that you use the voucher to renew a domain there is no refund. Domain renewals are immediate and permanent. This is due to the Registry policy. There are no exceptions.

For Standard accounts that were started and maintained before 22 February 2011(2-22-2011), they are grandfathered in and will maintain their free domain for life.

If you have a qualifying account and believe you didn't receive your voucher here are some things to check:

  • Check your invoices to see if the voucher was used but on a different domain. In your Control Panel, click on the Account tab up at the top. Then under that click on Payments. This will show you all your invoices. Please review them. Many times the reason the voucher is not available is that it was used on another domain for a renewal.
  • Check to see if your account was properly created or renewed. Is there a warning or error message when you log in? Did you receive any emails from us?
  • Does anyone else have access to your account? Did they renew or purchase a different domain?
  • Go to the Domain Manager and look to see what domains are listed there. Do you see any domains that don't belong to you? If they are purchased through us they would show up in the payments section also. Check with the other people who have access to your account. Otherwise, you will need to contact our billing department for help resolving an incorrect domain purchase.
  • Another item to check is the contact information under domains. If the contact information for the domain is not correct, or missing required information, then the Registry will not allow the registration of the domain. Go to your Domain Manager and put a check mark next to the domain you want to check on. The right side will populate with tabs. Go to the contact tab and review the information there. (Remember to put a check mark in Admin, Registrant, and Billing in the contact info area to update all three at once). Click on Update Contact Information to save. This will usually push through any delayed domain registrations or renewals. Please give it at least 15-30 minutes to complete processing. Only new whois queries will reflect the change.
  • Go to the Domain Manager and look to see what domains are listed there. Do you see any domains registered through us that don't belong to you? (If they are purchased through us they would show up in the payment section also). If the domain was never purchased then either the purchase process was not completed or you are missing contact info for the domain. (Please review the previous step).
  • Domains are registered for one year intervals. It is not uncommon for the registration date to not match your account date.
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