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Joomla Session Save Path Unwriteable Error


Trying to install Joomla manually and getting a session.save_path is un-writeable error.


  1. Open the File Manager
  2. Right click the php.ini file inside public_html.
  3. Select Code Edit
  4. Around line 824 is something which looks like this:
  5. ;session.save_path = /tmp

  6. Remove the semicolon ';' in the front so it looks like this:
  7. session.save_path = /tmp

  8. Finally, make the path go to the temp folder on your account
  9. session.save_path = /home/username/tmp

    where username is your cPanel username listed inside of cPanel.

  10. Save the Changes

Additional Notes:

If the error persists, one of two things can be done:

  • Place a copy of the modified php.ini file into the "administrator" or other appropriate folder
  • Inside cPanel, select the PHP Config icon, enable PHP 5 (FastCGI) and Save Changes
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