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Zend Optimizer cannot be found

My Error Log gives an error that looks like "Zend Optimizer for PHP x.x.x Cannot Be Found" or similar -- How do I Confirm Zend Optimizer is configured properly?

The Zend Optimizer is a module that improves the performance of PHP code. It is often used to help dynamic sites that use PHP have better page load performance; some sites may also require this--if it's missing, the site will fail to load properly, and give an error similar to this one:
PHP Warning: Zend Optimizer for PHP 4.4.x cannot be found (expected at '/usr/local/Zend/lib/Optimizer-2.5.10/php-4.4.x/') - try reinstalling the Zend Optimizer in Unknown on line 0

This may be visible directly on the website, or in your php error logs, or both. Zend Optimizer is installed on the server, and just needs to be enabled in the php.ini file. You may need to install the default php.ini file as well.

If you are still seeing the error, please copy down the path to the script seeing issues; then, using either File Manager or FTP or Bash (terminal), verify the following:

  • The directory has a php.ini file
  • The php.ini file has no capitalizations in the filename, and has permissions of 440 or greater.
  • The php.ini is newly created, to rule out possible PHP version mismatches.

In most cases, you'll find you just need to enable Zend Optimizer on your account.

If none of these steps solve your problem, please contact our Support department for further assistance, as you may be experiencing a server issue only capable of being repaired by our Support and Administrative team.

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