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How to Access the System Console

There are various reasons to access the system console.  You can manage your server from the command line here. .

If you have not set your root password, please see:  Setting your Root Password

  1. To begin, log into your Control Panel.
  2. Once logged in, you'll want to go to the server tab
    go to server
  3. On the Server tab choose the System Console tab.
    go to console
  4. Click the View console only button.

    This will open your system console (a large black window) and should say server login, if not press enter and it will appear.

  5. Now you'll want to log in as the root user.
    server login:  root
    password: your root password

    Please note that you will not be able to see your password.

  6. Press the Enter/Return key to enter the password.

That's it. You are now logged into your server as the root user.

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