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MySQL Connection Strings


A connection string is a sequence of variables which will address the specific database and allow you to connect your code to your MySQL database.

If you do not have a database yet, the following article will provide you with the proper instructions: How to Create and Delete MySQL Databases and Users


Once you have a database setup, create the database's tables either via phpMyAdmin, MySQL software or use an online PHP or Perl script.

Use the following configuration settings:

  • Version: MySQL 5
  • Username: cpUsername_dbUserName
  • Database Name: cpUsername_dbName
  • Password: The password for cpUsername_dbUsername
  • Hostaddress: localhost
  • Port: 3306

Connection String Examples

The connection string can be either of the two examples below (be sure to replace the variables in red with your actual information):

For Perl:

$dbh = DBI->connect("DBI:mysql:cpUsername_dbName:localhost","cpUsername_dbUsername","password");

For PHP:

$dbh=mysql_connect ("localhost", "cpUsername_dbUsername", "password")
or die ('I cannot connect to the database.');
mysql_select_db ("cpUsername_dbName");

For more information on how to work with phpMyAdmin. please visit:

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