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How to Change your Name Servers


If you purchased your domain from HostMonster, then you can manage it online by using the Domain Manager and going to the Name Servers tab.

If you did NOT purchase your domain from us, we are not able to change the name servers because we don't control the domain. Please contact the domain registrar (place where you bought the domain) and ask how to make the name server updates. Most domain registrars have a tool so you can do this yourself. Then you will remove the current name servers and replace them with the name servers from your welcome email.

Updating the Name Servers

  1. Login to your HostMonster Control Panel.
  2. Click the Domain link, at the top of the page.
  3. Choose your domain name from the list of domains.
  4. Then click the Name Servers tab.
  5. Select Use Custom Nameservers
  6. Enter in the new name servers.
  7. Click Save Nameserver Settings. Note:Please allow 24-72 hours for the DNS propagation of name servers to fully propagate.

For more information about how to update other DNS records such as CNAME, TXT, SRV or A records, please read our article on How to Modify your DNS Records.

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