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Changing File Permissions


This article will explain how to change file permissions.

Tasks Involved

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Open File Manager

These steps will explain how to open the file manager in your account.

  1. On the cPanel, go to File Management section and click on the File Manger icon.
    The file manager icon.
    The file manager icon.
  2. You may get a directory selection popup. Check show hidden files and click go.
    The directory selection popup.
    The directory selection popup.

Change Permissions in the File Manager

These steps explain how to change permissions in the file manager.

  1. Click on the file you wish to change permissions for.
    A selected file in the File Manager.
    A selected file in the File Manager.
  2. Click the change permissions icon. at the top of the file manager
    The file permissions icon.
    The file permissions icon.
  3. Choose the permissions you would like the file to have
    Note: See the default permissions section if you would like to know the standard or default permissions
  4. Click Change Permissions

Default Permissions For Files and Folders

Default Permissions For A Folder (755)
Default Permissions For A File (644)
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