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Changing File Permissions


Setting file permissions is very important in getting CGI scripts to work on your web site. The following will explain the correct settings.

Explanation of Permissions

  • Pages (HTML Files) should be readable/writeable by the owner and readable by the web visitor.
  • Scripts should be readable/writeable/executable by the owner and readable/executable by the web visitor.

The following are abbreviations for permissions:

  • --- (or 0) = no permission
  • r-- (or 4) = read-only permission
  • rw- (or 6) = read/write permission
  • r-x (or 5) = read/execute permission
  • rwx (or 7) = read/write/execute permission

Sometimes you'll see these numbers referenced for a script. For instance, "chmod your script to "755" or "777". That means "set file permissions to "Read-Write-Execute/Read-Execute/Read-Execute".
"755" is in fact the most common setting for CGI/Perl scripts - if your script does not work or you get an "Internal Server Error" when you run it try fixing the permissions first.

Changing Permissions Using An FTP Application

Log into your account and go to the directory where the files are located. Highlight the file that you want to change permission. Locate the "file permission" or "chmod" command on your FTP software (if you are using Filezilla, highlight the file, right click and choose "File Permissions"). There should be three groups. Each group should have either checkboxes or a selection for the permission type.

Set pages to rw- for the owner, no permission for the group, and r--for other.

Set scripts to rwx for the owner, r-x group, and r-x for other.

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