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SiteLock Support

Support for SiteLock is available from our dedicated teams.

SiteLock Expert Technicians

SiteLock has a dedicated support staff that specialized in your site's security and supporting the SiteLock product itself. You may find that you need someone with direct access to the alerts, messages, scans, or account information related to your SiteLock account. In this instance the best thing to do is to contact SiteLock support directly for the best possible support with these issues.

SiteLock has the same three methods of contact for 24/7 support as us; by phone, live chat or email.

To contact SiteLock by phone you can use the appropriate number below:

  • Toll Free: (877) 257-9263
  • International: (415) 390-2500

To contact SiteLock by live chat or email, visit http://sitelock.com/ and click on the red "Chat With Us" bar on the left side of the screen. You will be prompted with a pop up that will ask you to provide your email and a question or short description of the issue. If you would like to include a screenshot of what you are currently seeing, you can click the check box below your question. Once the form is filled out, click "Email us" to email your issue to SiteLock and they will respond to you promptly, or if you would prefer to talk to a SiteLock agent immediately, you can click "Chat With Us" to start a live chat session.

Sales & Billing Questions

There is no need to contact SiteLock for sales questions about SiteLock or to add or remove SiteLock from your account. If you still don't have SiteLock, use the following link to learn how to signup so you can enjoy the benefits.

If you would like to have have SiteLock removed, you can contact us directly by phone, live chat or email 24/7 with your billing password and email or other verification information, and we can assist you in getting SiteLock removed.

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