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To enable Awstats and Webalizer scroll down to the Logs section of the cPanel Click on the Choose Log Programs icon Click on the checkboxes for awstats and webalizer for the domain for which you wish (updated 582 days ago)
Getting Started Article 180,649 views tags: awstats button hours stats webalizer

How to enable the function to manually update AwStats (updated 1018 days ago)
Knowledgebase Article 135,840 views tags: awstats logs manual statistics stats update

I would like to view the statistics for my website. (updated 1076 days ago)
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To view your stats, scroll down to the Logs section of the cPanel Here are different programs that can be used to view your stats. We most recommend awstats When you select your stats program, you ma (updated 1062 days ago)
Getting Started Article 123,240 views tags: awstats domain select stats view

Is there a way for me to have an add-on domain and check the stats for that site outside of the control panel? (updated 785 days ago)
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When I click on awstats or webalizer, there aren't any domain names listed for which to view stats. (updated 1993 days ago)
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How can I quickly see my Account Stats Information? (updated 2093 days ago)
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WebStats and Features. (updated 2100 days ago)
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I need to track my Hits and Visits, what does HostMonster recommend? (updated 1066 days ago)
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