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How to use use the FTP Account tool to create additional FTP Accounts. This is useful for granting FTP access to your account without giving anyone your cPanel password. (updated 113 days ago)
Video "How-to" Tutorial 500,974 views tags: account accounts cpanelutilities ftp login publish upload

Where do I Add, Delete and Manage Email Accounts? (updated 1411 days ago)

What is the HostMonster backup policy? What kinds of backups are available? (updated 944 days ago)
Knowledgebase Article 114,946 views tags: accounts back backup backups copy expired policy restore storage

Where in the cPanel do I delete email accounts, and how can I do this? (updated 866 days ago)
Knowledgebase Article 113,735 views tags: accounts delete email

How to setup name servers for multiple cPanel accounts. (updated 473 days ago)
Knowledgebase Article 78,525 views tags: accounts custom dedicated multi multiple nameservers server servers