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VPS or Dedicated Hosting - Resetting the SSL certificates for your server's services

Shortly before the SSL Certificates for the servers services expire WHM will begin notifying you via email that they will be expiring soon. To resolve this issue you need to reset the certificates in the Manage Service SSL Certificates tool.

Resetting the Certificates for your Server's Services

  1. Login to WHM. To see how to login to WHM, please see: VPS or Dedicated - How to login in to WHM
  2. In the search field, located in the upper left hand side of the page, enter Manage Service SSL Certificates
  3. Choose the Manage Service SSL Certificates tool.
    Choose Manage Service SSL Certificates
  4. To the right of the expiring certificate, click Reset Certificate
    Click Reset Certificate
  5. Click the Proceed button, in the confirmation window.
    Click the Proceed button

WHM will now install a newly generated Self Signed SSL Certificate for the select service.

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