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Why did my domain transfer fail?

If your request to transfer a domain registration to our service fails, we are not be able to provide you with the specific reason(s) why the transfer was unsuccessful. This because we generally do not receive that kind of information from the losing registrar.

Registrars are required to comply with all ICANN regulations for domain registration and transfers. If any step in the transfer process is missed or invalid, the transfer will fail.

Common reasons:
  • Losing Registrar denies the transfer
  • Domain is locked by the losing registrar
  • Domain owner does not receive critical emails due to enabled domain privacy or spam filters
  • Domain owner misunderstands the transfer notification and accidentally cancels the transfer

Please note that some email services, including, but not limited to Yahoo, AOL, Sbcglobal, Comcast, and Hotmail are known for filtering out important emails like those required to complete domain transfers.

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