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Setup an FTP disk in Windows Vista and 7


Windows will allow you to setup a Network Folder via FTP, this will act like a local hard drive or flash drive and allow you to drag and drop file and folders between the server and your computer.

Setup a Network Folder in Windows Vista / 7

Windows Vista and 7 have a built-in functionality to allow FTP connections to remote servers, without having to download another 3rd party program. This is a useful feature, as it creates a "network folder" that can be quickly accessed from a shortcut, your Computer menu, or from your Network Places, as well as providing "drag and drop" upload functionality.

To configure this properly, you will need a working FTP username. You may use either your cPanel username and cPanel password. Alternatively you may create an FTP account from your cPanel interface, using the "FTP Accounts" tool in the "Files" category, as shown in our article: Create an FTP Account.

  1. Go to your Computer. This may be accessed from your Windows menu at the bottom left, or it may be a desktop shortcut.

  2. Start Button

  3. Right-click in any blank space. Select "Add a Network Location".

  4. Add a Network Location

  5. Click "Next," then select "Choose a custom network location."

  6. Choose Customer Network Location

  7. You will then be prompted for the "Internet or network address." Enter your domain name, with the ftp:// prefix.

    Network Address

  8. The next step will ask you to "Specify a User Name and Password if Required." Un-check the box "Log on anonymously,"

  9. Log on anonymously

  10. Enter your FTP username. In this example, we will specify our cPanel username, which doesn't require the "" suffix.

  11. FTP Username

  12. You will be prompted to enter a name for the network location. You may call this whatever you'd like.

  13. Lastly, you will be asked if you wish to make a shortcut for this. If you do not choose to make a Desktop shortcut, you can still access it from your Computer menu. Select "Finish."

  14. Network Locations
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