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FrontPage 2002 Publish Guide

In 2006 Microsoft discontinued support for the FrontPage Extensions. We have decided to no longer provide for FrontPage Extensions and recommend that you use FTP or WebDAV instead.

How to Create a Web Page with FrontPage 2002

Creating a Web Page in FrontPage 2002

Microsoft FrontPage 2002 offers an easy way to create Web pages. Please be aware that Microsoft has discontinued support for FrontPage as of 2007.

To continue building a website in FrontPage follow these simple steps.

Open FrontPage Select Start then Programs, and then select Microsoft FrontPage from the list of programs displayed (it may be inside another folder).

Set Up FrontPage for the Web Server

Before creating this Web page, we are going to use the settings on the FP "Compatibility Tab" to select the features available on the server. Select Page Options from the Tools menu. Click the Compatibility tab.
  • For Browsers: Select Both Internet Explorer and Navigator
  • For Browser Version: Select 4.0 and above
  • For Severs: Select Apache server
  • Check the box that says: Enabled with FrontPage Server Extensions.

The settings in this dialog box should appear as below:

Page Options: Both Browsers, 4.0, Apache server

Create a New Web Page

To create a new Web page, choose File, then New, and select Page or Web. Select the Blank Page, or one of the other suggested Web page layouts? from the New Page or Web box.

New Page or Web

Working with Text

Working with text in FrontPage should seem very familiar to anyone familiar with Microsoft Word. Adding, selecting, and moving text is done pretty much the same way as in Word. You can also use the "What you see is what you get!" (WYSIWYG) commands, like those found in Microsoft Word, to change the format of text. Use B for Bold, I for Italics, and the colored A to change the color of the text. Additional options are available under the Format menu under Font. The main difference from Word is in working with tables.

Inserting Images

The Web is an inherently visual medium. FrontPage makes it easy to insert images into your Web page.

Inserting Digital images

From the Insert menu, select Picture, then choose From File. In the Picture dialog box you will need to locate the desired image. Click on the Down Arrow to the right of the Look In box and choose the correct drive. Select the desired image file and click Insert.


Inserting Clip Art

From the Insert menu select Picture and choose Clip Art. Click on the Search button and find click on a picture to insert it onto the page.

If you resize the image, make sure to resample it by clicking on the Resample icon in the Pictures box, shown below (center).

Creating Hyperlinks

FrontPage allows you to easily create Hyperlinks from text on a Web page. There are a few ways to create links in FrontPage. If you type a URL (Web address), FrontPage will (usually) automatically turn this text into a link. For example if you type the address of

FrontPage will automatically convert it into a link.

Linking from Text Within your Page

You can also use the Hyperlink dialog box in FrontPage to create links to Web pages, link to bookmarks within your page, or insert an email link. Type in the text you want to serve as the link. For example, for the text for the link to our training Web site, type: Use the mouse to select this text. Go to the Insert menu and select Hyperlink (as shown below).

Insert Hyperlink

This will open the Insert Hyperlink dialog box. In the Address box, type the address of the Web page you want to link to. In this case type:

Insert Hyperlink box

Saving your Web Page To save your Web page select File then Save. At the top of the Save As dialog box, locate the desired drive and folder.

Save As

Choose a short name (8 characters or less, all lower case, no symbols or spaces for maximum compatibility) for your Web page. Before you save your page, you should click on the Change Title button and give it a meaningful title.

Set Page Title

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