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I'm getting the message "There is No DNS Entry" when I get to my domain name...


I'm getting the message "There is No DNS Entry" when I get to my domain name...


If you receive the message "There is no DNS entry for", there are several possible explanations:

  • See if you can access your site using the IP address. (If you do not know your IP address, you can find this information in your account setup letter) If you are able to get to your website with the IP address/~username, then the domain name is either not active or not yet propagated.
  • For a NEW domain, it may take up to a few days for the name to propagate the DNS (Domain Name Servers) throughout the Internet. (Foreign domains and transfers may take longer).
  • If it is an older domain that has previously been reachable, the name may be on hold for non-payment through your domain registrar. Please contact your domain registrar directly to determine the reason the name is on hold.
  • You can check the status of your domain name by doing a "whois" at:, or
  • If you can reach the site with the IP address and you know it has been more than 72 hours since the name was released try the following:

  • Clear your browser cache and try again.
  • If you know that others are able to reach the site with the domain name but you can't (even after clearing the browser cache), Try flushing your DNS Cache. You may need to contact your local ISP, as they may not have updated their DNS records.
  • If you are still unable to reach it after all of these steps, contact HostMonster Support Team for assistance. Be sure to describe all the steps you have already taken.

  • Note: If you are unable to reach the site with either the domain name OR the IP address you may be experiencing connectivity problems. Please check the Server Status page for the current network status, or contact us directly.
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