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FTP Setup Dreamweaver CS5

Connecting and uploading via FTP with Dreamweaver CS5
Configuring FTP for Dreamweaver (Version CS5)
  1. Open Dreamweaver CS5. Click on Site and choose New Site.
  2. For site name, enter a phrase that describes your site.
  3. Click Servers from the left hand side.
  4. Click the + button to add a server.
  5. Enter a server name.
  6. Connect using FTP Then enter your FTP Host which is your domain name (example: or the IP address of your server.
  7. Host or Root Directory should be public_html if this is your main site with us.
  8. Enter your login name and password. The login name will be the character username you received in your sign up confirmation email, if you do not know it please log into the cPanel from and go into FTP accounts, it is the 8 character one, the password is the same password you set up when you created your account.
  9. Click more options.
  10. Click use passive FTP.
  11. Save this information and try to connect.
The message “Dreamweaver connected to your Web server successfully” indicates that you successfully connected to the FTP server.

To continue troubleshooting, proceed to the section, “Verify login credentials.” If you were unable to log in to your FTP server please check your firewall and make the needed changes in order to allow ftp traffic. (Port 20 and 21)

To check your ports HostMonster has provided this tool at this Link.

Note: HostMonster does support SFTP.

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