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Embedding .avi, Quicktime and other media files


How do I embed or use .avi, Quicktime, or other file formats?


You can place and access Web-based video in one of two ways: the anchor tag <a href> and the <embed> tags. Using <a href> is the same as placing any link within an HTML document, but here is a refresher on how it looks:

      <a href="/video/golden.avi">goldenrod</a> 
If you use this method, your users will either save the file to their desktops, launch a helper application, or load a new browser page, depending on how they have set their preferences and which browser they are using.

If you want your video to stream during download or appear on the same page as the rest of your content, you will want to embed the clip in a page, using <embed>. The <embed> tag is syntactically similar to the <img> tag, and uses many of the same elements. Remember, though, that the embed tag requires users to have the appropriate plug-in installed. If they don't, they wwill not see your work.

The HTML for an embedded video file goes something like this:

     <embed src="/video/" height=108 width=33% controller=false autoplay=true playeveryframe=false pluginspage="oops.html" loop=palindrome>
Elements specific to video include:
Unless you need your movie to scale, set this in pixels, according to how big your movie is:
Answer with "true", and your movie streams in with the page. Answer with "false", and the user must click to play.
This adds knobs that let your users control the movie. If you set this for "true", you'll want to add at least 15 pixels to the height of your movie. Otherwise the movie and the controller will be forced into the space required for the movie.
If you want the movie to play over and over, set this to "true". If you want it to play once and stop, set it to false. If you set it to "palindrome", it will play from beginning to end and then from end to beginning, continuously.
This just makes the movie link to something else:
This will take users who don't have the right plug-in to a page that tells them where to get it.

As with everything Web, there are no universal file formats or delivery standards for video. So, although I prefer QuickTime and the use of the <embed> tag, I would recommend offering a few different options for surfers to choose from. That way even more people can enjoy your awesome video work.

More tutorial links for embedding media files:

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